Oh now it is the first day of my teaching. This topic was given by my great mentor at January 17. My first topic is “The Whistle”
The whistle is written by Benjamin Franklin that tell the reader about don’t overpay for something that you don’t really need. At the beginning, I gave the students vocabulary activities. Then asked some question about what they have learned from the story “The Whistle” to testify if the students understood that day’s learning. The for evaluation, asked the students about how will they apply the lesson to their life and wrote it in a whole sheet of paper. It is important to give students some assignment. Well here, I asked the students to make a skit by illustrating the scenes from “The Whistle” then asked the students to perform their skit the next morning.

Before move to the next topic, I asked the students to perform their skit. It was so amazing that they can perform something like that within 24 hours. It is so educating and entertaining at the same time. The criteria of the skit are first each group member must have a role on the skit. And the second the skit must not contain violence or inappropriate language. Then grading the students based on the criteria.

So it’s Thursday, January 31. The next topic is literature. It is a poem titled “IF” by Rudyard Kipling. It is a very beautiful poem. The writer talked about success that comes from self-control and a true sense of the values of things. At the end of the lesson, I want the students to be able to understand the purpose of the poem and identify the message that found in the poem. Give the students a lot of activities can make them more enthusiast because when you only gave them just a handout with a lot of written text, it would be boring. So it is a good thing using a different method to make the non-tense situation.

Wednesday, February 6. The students learned about conditional sentences. It is very important using different types of visual aids. In learning grammar, it is the hardest thing to make your student understand what you have explained. But by using different types of aids, it would be easier for the students to understand what you have already taught. I’m feeling so emotional that day, because the students said something that really unexpected. They said “Thank you madam for teaching us something really difficult in a fun way”. I’m using a bunch of colorful manila paper so that the students cannot get their sight off the materials. And it’s working as I expected.

The last day of my teaching in grade 9. It is Thursday, February 7. So for the last topic, my mentor told me to teach the grade 9 with my jam when I was in junior high school. It is “The Climb by Miley Cyrus”. When I shown my visual aid, they were so amazed. I was so happy because of that. I kept smiling for the entire lesson. I started with discussing some questions such asking who is their favorite artist or singer then telling them who is my role singer. Next, telling the students if lyric is a part of a literature. This song has a very motivational meaning. This song telling people to believe in themselves and that if they try hard enough they will reach their dreams.

Classroom management

Rules and strategies that I used are to make sure students sitting in their seats individual or groups , and listen when others are talking.
When students do not perform some task correctly for example when one of the students wrote the wrong example of conditional sentences, I asked them to do it again in the correct way. it reinforces consistent expectations for quality of the work.
I also establish transition routines that students learn and can execute quickly and repeatedly without much direction from me. Such, I said “now you can read in silence,” or “sit with your group and make a circle” and students will know that they are expected to stop what they are working on, get the handout, and began reading silently or discuss with their group.


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