Teaching is all about engaging. It is about introducing students to a better understanding.

The challenges

forming a bond with my students is always hard at first because they’re used to the previous teacher. But this is easy to overcome and soon that my students become used to. the best way to form bonds with the students is to be understanding.


In Indonesia, the teachers struggling to teach in a language they are not good at and with students trying to learn in a language which they often do not hear. The education system in Indonesia is ranked below average. Besides that, Philippines where English is an official language, Philippines has mastered English as a second language . I was so impressed that the students who had never stepped outside of the Philippines were fluent in English. so I learned that in learning English as a subject in school is not enough. We need to start treating English as a means of communication. We should consider not just better ways to teach English, but better ways to learn it.


Flying across to live for 4 weeks in a country whose language and culture is different from yours is not the easiest thing to do. People might say it is so hard to teach abroad. It is so hard to adapt with new people. It is so hard to find foods that match my taste. Ok I would say they are wrong. It is not that hard. Okay maybe it is a little bit hard to communicate with my students. But as the time goes, I can prove that it is not that hard. I’m used to it. I found it super easy to make a lot of friends. I have learned a lot from my students, friends, and my mentor. I feel like I will grow greatly as a person. I’ll have a lot of time to reflect on my life and actions as well as how my or other culture impacts around.


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