The Bicol University, a state university in Region V, was created on June 21, 1969 through the passage of Republic Act 5521 but was institutionalized on September 22, 1970 by virtue of Resolution No. 1 of its Board of Regents. Section 2 of the aforementioned Act mandates that the following schools comprise the University: the Bicol Teacher’s College (BTC) with its Laboratory School (BTCLS) at Daraga Albay, the Daraga East Central School also in the same municipality, the Albay High School in Legazpi City- all of which have become the College of Education with its Laboratory. Through the leadership of historian-lawyer Dr. Ricardo A. Arcilla, who, as Bicol University’s first president, has been given charge over the institution for its decade of existence, the developmental path of BU was charted. Unity and harmony was considerably attained among the initial constituents within the units of the University. Policy making was systematized.
Located on the boundary of Daraga, Albay and Legazpi City along the national highway, Rizal St. Aside from the Administration Building, the campus hosts the College of Education (BUCE), Bicol University College of Education Integrated Laboratory School-High School Department (BUCEILS-HS).

Bicol University
Integrated Laboratory School
High School Department

Maldo, Merriam P. Unit Head
Adornado, Rutesa A. English/SHS Coordinator
Unit Research Coordinator
Altavano, Carina R. Science
Coordinator for Guidance Services
Bahia, Gayle Ann M. Filipino
Bajamundi, Rona T. Science/Health/ESP
Briones, Ruby R. Mathematics
Assistant Coordinator for ELST
Unit Extension Coordinator
Goyena, Jocelyn F. Mathematics
Magdato, Norma Ll. English
Adiviser, The Mayon
Monte, Ma. Victoria M. TLE/Health
Orobia, Monina M. Music/Arts/PE
Sports Coordinator
Rañeses, Theresa M. Filipino/ESP
Advise, SSG
Coordinator for Student Activities
Razal, Hilda L. Science
Unit Planning Officer
Unit Curriculum Coordinator
Rebutica, Chazzeka D. English/Arts
Reonal, Agnes M. English
Bal, Louie B. TLE/ICT
Lobetania, Expedito Jr. G. Araling Panlipunan/Arts
Prefect of Discipline
Lorente, Richard Mathematics
Peñano, Aljohn Vincent B. Mathematics
Co-Adviser, SSG
Perea, Irwin B. Filipino/Health
Co-Adviser, The Mayon
Perez, Edison A. Science/Health/ICT
ICT Coordinator
Villanueva, Ronel M. Araling Panlipiunan
Non-Teaching Staff
Halcon, Roselie M. Administrative Assistant
Salomon, Corazon G. Librarian
Cepria, Jerry K. Administrative Aide
Madrona, Reynante I. Utility


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